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Cases Management System 

Courts, Prosecution, Justice Ministry

justbase is a comprehensive Judiciary cases management system for Judiciary institutions such as Courts (Civil and Religious), Prosecution’ departments. It provides a complete and efficient management of the Judiciary cases life cycle and provides Judges, Prosecutors and officials with the information and statistics to support decisions.

The Judiciary cases system is complemented by support systems such as mail recording, correspondence, Rules and Regulations, Human Resources /Payroll, Assets/ library, etc.

justbase is designed to cater for the needs of Judicial Authorities in all their levels/ grades and jurisdictions. This system be implemented in phases to covers the different departments of any judicial body, such as, the Ministry of Justice or Judicial Authority (Courts, Prosecution, etc.).

justbase is a set of modules addressing the works of judicial bodies, namely:

  • Attorney General’s Office, subsidiary Public Prosecution departments
  • Courts (Different levels and grades, all specializations)
  • Official Notarization and Authentication of Documents Program

justbase links to other subsidiary systems developed by Business Systems House delivering a total and integrated solution. These systems are:

  • Judiciary Rules and Regulations, Precedents
  • hrbase & hreasy Human Resources and Payroll systems
  • Correspondences & Inlog/Outlog (for letters generation and mail recording)
  • Library


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